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2012. It’s a Wrap!

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you all for reading and, hopefully, liking my blog.

One of the biggest things that have happened to me this year has been the start of this blog. I began in the beginning of July, and I can’t believe how much my blog has grown and changed in just half a year, and me along with it. I love and appreciate so many things about blogging. Here’s just a few…

I love the time that it gives me to think and create.

I love that I’m doing something important for myself.

I love that I can look back and remember what I was thinking when I wrote a post and how it captures a moment in time.

I love that I get to write about myself, my family, my feelings. It’s free therapy!

I love that I have a positive reason to ignore my kids. Sorry, boys, get your own crap. Mommy is ‘working’.

I love that I’d rather be sitting here by myself doing this than almost anything else.

I love that you guys read it. It makes the whole thing more worthwhile and satisfying. Yes, I’m an attention seeking whore. Read more. Tell your friends.

So happiest, healthiest New Year. I wish you all double scoops of love and laughter, with sprinkles of  ridiculous and crazy on the side.

Bring on 2013!