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Secrets of the Suburbs

Secrets of the Suburbs

People are saying nice things about Secrets!

“A sexy, intriguing, and wholly engrossing ride.” – Readers’ Favorite

“This book is smart and sexy.” – Mandi Castle, Award Winning Author of Dear Stephanie

“A delicious neighborhood romp.” – Andra Watkins, NYT bestselling author of Not Without My Father

“Veteran essayist Schindler’s debut novel depicts the steamy après-soccer shenanigans of a suburban mom… [whose] ambivalence about her choices is emotionally resonant.” – Kirkus Review

“I found myself widening my eyes at some parts, blushing at others, all while Lindsey struggled to find herself. I really enjoyed this quick and sexy read. I recommend this book to any woman who is on their own journey to finding themselves. I give ‘Secrets of the Suburbs’ 5 stars! – Chick Lit Goddess

“This kept me hooked from the very first page and was engrossed to the very end.” – Shannon’s Bookish Life

“In a voyeuristic way enjoyed feeling like I was getting a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors. It was a good read and different to the norm which I appreciated. It’s one I’d definitely recommend to my girlfriends!” – I Blog Books

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Book Club Discussion Points

What if Lindsey was your friend? How would you react? Would you drop her? Or would you stick by her?

Can a relationship survive infidelity? Can a friendship?

Why is the SOS FB page so alluring? What attracts us to gossip?

Is Shore Point an accurate reflection of the suburbs? Or is it misrepresented?

Do you feel like you know your neighbors? Do you feel like you know your friends?

Do you feel like you can truly know anyone?

Do you feel like you know people like Lindsey and Mitchell – People who present themselves and their lives as perfect?

The lives of Lindsey and Mitchell, Jeanie and John are clearly affected by the affair. But how does it affect the dynamics in other relationships?

Is Shore Point a main character in the book? Is a suburban town almost like a living entity?

In the end, Lindsey chooses to leave the town she loves. Can you live in a town after committing the ultimate taboo?

For Lindsey, John’s attention mixed with an absent husband and unresolved issues in her past led her to give in to temptation. What is it that ultimately makes people cross that line?

Lindsey carries heavy baggage from her childhood. How much of who we are in the past determines our futures?

Lindsey’s mom turns inward to deal with her grief. How does this lack of communication change Lindsey? Do you think if Lindsey dealt with her guilt and her grief in the past, she would have made different choices?

Do you think the fact that Lindsey was ‘middle aged’ had any bearing on her choices?

Ellie is really Lindsey’s one true friend. Are the suburbs an isolating and lonely place?

Lindsey ultimately chooses to leave her husband and her family and take a chance on a new life. Do you judge her for her choice? Do you think she should have stayed?

How realistic is happily ever after?

At what point should someone decide to make their own life and happiness a priority? Are moms allowed to be selfish in that way? Does society allow them that choice?

Interested in having your own “Secret Meeting” book club. Let me know. If you’re local, I can try to attend, or answer your questions and send a signed copy and some goodies over for your club to enjoy!

Find Secrets here…

AMAZON Paperback Book Link:
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And also available on ebook at and ibooks and most ebook retailers.

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