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From toddler to teen: A mom’s short retrospective

From toddler to teen: A mom’s short retrospective


Love. Love. Love. Your drool is adorable, your poop, a topic of conversation. Never leave my side. Stay forever in my arms. You are mine. I am yours. Before you, life had no meaning. Before you there was nothing.


Oh my baby. My poor sweet child. Don’t be sad. It’s only for a couple of hours. Everyone goes to nursery. Why? I don’t know why. Good question! Why?!! No don’t cry. You’re making me cry. Okay one more hug. Okay one more. Okay, Just one mor-

Yes, I know he’s going to be fine. Okay… shut the door.

(I’ll just be sitting here.)


First day of Kindergarten. Can’t…. even….. speak.


What’s going on, my love? Yes, I would Love to play dinosaur battles with you! Yes, I want to color! Yes we can build a set-up! Yes, I will even listen to the really really long and convoluted story about the dragons you are breeding on your video game and all 112 words you have made up for your own secret language. Tell me. I am fascinated.


Of course! Have all your friends come over! Everyone is welcome! Five on five wiffleball/soccer/football/basketball in the yard? Fabulous! Manhunt through the house? Movies? Wii? X-Box? Great! I’ll order a pizza! Who wants fresh baked cookies? Weeeeee!!!


Uh okay, of course I’ll drive you to your friend’s. Again.


Me: Can I make you pancakes?

Him: Shrug

Me: Hey that was a good game you played today!

Him: Grunt

Me: Who did you hang out with at the party yesterday?

Him: Eye roll

Sigh. (Both of us)

2016 –

How are you? How’s school? What’s going on? What’s new? Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you comfortable? Do you have friends you like? Do they like you? Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything? Want anything? Can I help you? Hello? Are you listening? Hello…

I’m here.


And always will be


*Now that I have you all sapped up, go check out my latest essay over on Scary Mommy – Underneath His Teenage Scowl. Originally titled, It’s not you, It’s me. Okay, maybe it is you,  but just a little.  🙂


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Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. Oh that was great. So glad I clicked over on that link!

    My representation of this creature is now 25 (and living in the basement, sans wife). He is frequently still a teenager, but now he is more willing to include us in his life. He’s more friendly (unless hungry or sleepy) and more inclusive. He has had some challenges, and we, his parents have helped and loved him through them. He gets that now and it is awesome.

    • thank you!!! and i’m so happy to hear that once that pass those tumultuous years and settle (kind of) into their twenties that they are more inclined to let you in. it’s quite a road. 🙂

  2. I am sitting at my desk and i am on the brink of sobbing!! my “babies” are turning 10 in June and i can already see the change happening and i am SOOOOOOO not ready. Thank you for this 🙂

    • thank you! and yeah. i can sob all the time. life is crazy and every stage is wonderful and different but the truth is we give them our whole lives and then watch them go. so hard but it’s the way it is. just got to keep on hugging and appreciating as much as possible! 🙂

  3. This was so ‘right on!’ Well done, sweetie. My own ‘love, love, love’ left at 17 (for college) and it’s never been the same between us since. Enjoy them while they are yours…

  4. Ugh….I know it’s coming but I’m not ready!! Love how you prepare me so honestly and beautifully:)


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