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All Hail Mama’s Boys

Before my son even opens his eyes in the morning, his arms are reaching for a hug. I happily embrace his warm body, and his sleepy smile could wake the sun. “Come on, baby.” I coo. “It’s time.”

He purrs like a kitten instead of a 10 year-old boy, and when I detach myself, he pouts, “Nooo.”

“Nope. No more hugs. Get on up.” I shake him till he giggles, then play time is over and I turn to business. “Your clothes are on the floor. Brush your teeth and get downstairs.” I leave him and hope I don’t have to make a trip back up to wake him again.

My five and eight year-olds are already dressed and downstairs, finished with their breakfasts and playing a computer game in their time before school, when my oldest sleepwalks into the kitchen and immediately attaches himself to my side. “Mama.”

I love it, like the sick, needy mother I am, and take a moment to lean my head against his before ushering him into his morning routine.

Occasionally, some person has the nerve to say to me, “Oh you have three boys? You know boys, they leave.”  I always respond with a smug smile and say, “Not if you do it right.”

And although I believe that, it still touches a nerve, because to some extent, of course, it’s true. Boys love their mommies, until they get a wife. Boys are so affectionate when they are young, but somewhere along the way, they seem to detach. No. That will not do at all.  That’s why I have worked hard to make my boys ‘mama’s boys,’ and they have pretty much towed the line, but the results vary.

My youngest is a wild child, full of love and energy. Even if he really isn’t one anymore, he’s the baby and he still acts like one, cuddling and preferring mommy’s company to any other. Score! My middle son has got the most spunk and fight in him, but he’s also a clingy little monkey around his mommy’s neck. Score!

But my oldest, has by far, exceeded my mama boy expectations. A sentimentalist at heart, wistful at five for who he was at four, he is openly expressive in his emotions and affections and really, really, really loves his mommy. Homerun!

I worry a little that I’m ruining my boys for all the girls, but, only a little. Because, we all know that the best men are the ones who love and respect their mothers. Eventually, poo poo poo (sorry it’s the future Jewish grandma in me), my boys will grow up and leave to have their own lives and children. While I sort of dread the day when my reign comes to an end, I will quietly – although it will be hard to muffle all of my sobbing – step back and do my best to win over their significant others. Really, what else can I do?

Often, at the end the day, my oldest son gets off the bus from school and runs straight to me, wrapping his arms around me, and says, “It’s been six hours since I hugged my mommy.”

My other boys, their competitive natures stirred, jump in for the hug.

These boys are going to break my heart.


Hope everyday is Mother’s Day!

About Ice Scream Mama

Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. Let me first say that I’m just not going to believe the “a son is a son till he takes him a wife” business!! Of course I do have two boys myself, but I have also known some wonderful men who are very good to their moms without crossing over into the “Norman Bates” category. Lol!

    I love how affectionate my boys are too. I also have a plan to be very nice, and very accepting to my husbands wives. It is my theory that if I’m nice to them they will want to be around me!! Lol! Thanks for a fun, and sweet story to start my day!!

    • thanks!! and i’m working with the same m.o. i’m going to kill em with kindness – and sweets! They have to love me!! honestly, i can’t even think about it!! haha!

  2. I mean my son’s wives!! My husband is not allowed to have any more wives!! (This will teach me not to leave comments before my first cup of coffee!!) Lol! xo

  3. I love “not of you so it right”. So true!!!

  4. Winnie Schindler

    so glad I turned him over to someone who carries the throne just as good, if not better then me.(ha, you do a magnificent job).

    On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 7:02 AM, Icescreammama

  5. I love my boys – their love is just so perfect!! Don’t get me wrong, my girls are just as perfect but my boys…they are something special. My oldest son is also 10 and he is just a big marshmallow of love and hugs. My 9 year old in his own way is loving, he will surprise you with requests for hugs, even with his siblings. My 8 year old always has to hold my hand as I drive and loves hugs and kisses and tickles and cuddles and…. and then there is my youngest boy, my 6 year old…he is my baby, still wants to be carried, hugs and kisses and even cries when I have to drop him off with daddy…my boys..all my children..pure love!

  6. I have two boys and I’m trying really hard to make them mamas boys. My oldest is three so he’s kind of doing his own thing but about every five minutes he comes up to me wanting a kiss or a hug or to sit with mommy. MY youngest is 9 months old so he has his days where he wants mommy and some when he wants daddy. But I’m fighting the good fight!!

  7. I always feel guilty that my son is a bit of a mama’s boy. Poor hubby is the stay at home dad, but mama gets all the love when she gets home.
    Maybe I need to embrace this 😉

  8. Ha, I can really tell that your oldest is a good mamma’s boy! We never really grow out of it, but some of us make our mom’s work a little harder for the hugs and I love you’s than others. To this day, I can’t hold a grudge against anybody because my own mom would always make me laugh or at least smile whenever I was ticked off about something. It was super annoying at the time, but pretty funny now. I came from a family of three boys, it’s a fun dynamic. Carry on now that I’ve said too much and nothing really at all.

  9. Mine are very affectionate too – although the 9 year old won’t go near me in public 😉 There’s nothing like a hug.

  10. jill lundberg

    I can’t tell you how many comments I get about having three boys and right in front of them!! As if it’s a bad thing! I adore them and also dread the day they leave and just hope and pray that the nice women they meet also love and respect their mother! Or else…. Just kidding. Till then, hug them super tight! Beautiful post-you’re a lucky mom:)

  11. All of your boys( you and the commenters’) are going to be very happy men, without emotional problems ,I think!
    Ciao,Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. Whoever marries those boys of yours are lucky, lucky girls. As a married Jewish girl with two similarly married sisters, I can attest that the best man are definitely the ones who love their mothers. You’ll be the best mother-in-law there is.

  13. So sweet!!!!!! My boy love to cuddle, too. I’m going to cuddle him on his first day of work and at his wedding.

  14. Oh, I totally relate. My boys are so affectionate and it does touch a nerve when someone seems eager to remind me that someday they will leave. I too, am “doing it right.” I also love your photo. You are all so beautiful (and handsome).

  15. They are gorgeous. I’m glad you love their love.

  16. My middle child, my second boy, came along and gave me a massage while I was reading your post. He said: “I know you get stiff when you are working, Mom. And this isn’t about me wanting the DS. It’s just about you being my mommy.” Of course, he did want me to get up and get the DS for him. My daughter is precious, too. Last weekend, we went walking in a local garden, and she asked to be picked up after I gave her permission to run around like a crazy loon (she’s 4). I picked her up, thinking she was tired. And she put her arms around my shoulders and squeezed and said: “My heart would break without you, Mama.” I’m saving these memories up for Mother’s Day. It don’t even need a card. My oldest is starting to pull away, but I love to see how grown up he is. Even if that means less hugs. I love that picture of you with your boys. So precious. Thanks for reminding me.

  17. “Not if you do it right!” – the perfect retort! I love that picture of you and your little men! Yep, they’ll break our hearts – day after day. And it’s still too wonderful to miss. Great post!

    • thank you. sometimes i just want to capture every moment like butterflies in a jar and other times i want them to go play in the bushes. wait.. that didn’t sound right. haha

  18. Beautiful post. I hope my little boy is like that too. He’s 8 months now! I love when he snuggles…

  19. I love the opening sentences to this post – so vividly described! I love getting my 20mo old son up. He is my mama’s boy for sure. Great picture of you all! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  20. My now 15 year old was your 10 year old. And now he is not…but sometimes he is. Like when we walk across a parking lot into the store, sometimes he forgets and he holds my hand with is giant manchild paws, laughing and talking in his deep man voice as he towers above me and I worry that his friends might be around and see, i wonder if I should release his hand to save him future embarrassment…but I don’t. He thinks I am beaming up into his face because I am amused at his witty story, but I don’t even hear a word he says because I am so euphoric at holding his hand again…

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