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Buzzy gives me, “Two cones up!”

Today is my blogging anniversary. For one full month, my ass has been rooted to this chair. The boys tolerate it, except when they want something. Howard is happy for me, except when he wants something. My most solid supporter in the house is Buzz.

He sits next to the computer, rubbing his head on the keyboard or against my hand.

He’s here now as I write. He rarely leaves my side. Sometimes, he leaves me gifts.

A gift from Fuzz.

Buzzy – I know I seem annoyed when you accidentally push keys with your nuzzling head, or lay all over my papers, or get hairs up my nose, but I appreciate you standing, uh, laying, by me. We’re in this together, at least for another month.

So thank you Buzz and everyone (special shout out to Juicy Pear Colorado), for reading and supporting me.

Please forward around and ask your friends to “Follow”. Yes, that was shameless. I’m okay with shameless. Do it for Buzz.

About Ice Scream Mama

Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I look forward to some icecreammamma every
    morning!! Keep ’em coming. Big question–
    What did Fuz leave you on the floor in that picture?

  3. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? I mean the anniversary, not the cat present.

  4. Love your blogs- just started reading them. Happy Anniversary and keep it up!!

  5. Linda Monderine

    Just read each and every one of your words! I loved learning all about your history-past and present. Very comical, touching and loving…thanks for entertaining me all day! xoxoxox

  6. Congrats on one month!

  7. Congratulations! And I loved Fuzz!!

  8. Just mentioned you in my recent post, FYI. No pressure.

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