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La La La La La La – I can’t hear you!!!

La La La La La La – I can’t hear you!!!

“I didn’t do it,” my middle son looked at me with over-sized cartoon eyes swearing his innocence.

“He’s lying, mommy,” my oldest shouted in frustration. “He did do it!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

I rolled my eyes. As usual, I had no idea who was telling the truth and who was lying. They are such skilled manipulators, that I don’t even think they know what the truth is; they are just so intent on proving the other wrong and winning, which, of course, is the most important thing.

It’s like, well, it’s just like the Presidential Debate I watched last week.

Do they ever answer any questions?

Moderator – How exactly do you do plan on improving the economy, Mr. Romney?

Romney – Well I appreciate that question and I’d love to get everyone jobs and I’ll be getting everyone jobs because there is nothing I’d rather see. So you see, that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s my job to get you jobs. Heh, heh.

Obama – I am not just talking about getting jobs, I have been getting you all jobs as you can see by all these statistics that I’ll grossly exaggerate as I nod and smile real smart and presidentially.

Romney – You haven’t been getting any jobs, just ask that woman Mrs. Joann Redizzio of Wakaramazoo, Mississippi. She hasn’t had a job in over a year. And ask Mr. Stewart Gorrreno of Mercy, Ohio. I know these people. And Mr. Obama you are not getting them jobs.

Obama – Am too.

Romney – Are not!

Obama – You have NO plan how to get anyone jobs.

Romney – I have a five point plan!

Obama – I haven’t seen you make any points. You know what I’m saying America!

Romney – I’m just going to keep pointing this finger at you – Five Times until someone asks a new question.

Moderator – Can you be more specific on your plan, Mr. Romney?

Romney – I can be very specific about the specifics that I’ll be specifically speaking of. I just want to be clear about my specificity of the specifics.

Obama – You’re not saying anything.

Romney (Point! Point!) – You didn’t say anything about Benghazi!

Obama -I did!

Romney – You didn’t!!

I roll my eyes. They’re little kids in expensive suits playing a game of “My daddy’s stronger than your daddy!” What do we really learn in the debates anyhow?  Certainly, nothing about the issues. It’s kind of like watching my addictive Housewives shows; just good TV, with the purpose of putting on the drama to keep all those people with short attention spans entertained. Will Romney put extra grease in his hair? Will Joe Biden smile inappropriately or throw out an F-bomb? Will Obama’s head fall off from all the bobbing? How will they answer all those questions without answering a single one?  And that’s what it all comes down to. A lot of posturing and a lot of show with no tell. Because when the only goal in someone’s head is winning, the truth gets lost in the battle.

I hear my boys arguing in the other room. I go, as I am required to do by law, to break it up. It’s the same old game.

“What happened here, boys?”  I ask and they both point a finger at each other and start screaming heatedly at once. I nod. Well, of course, now it all makes perfect sense.

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