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I’ll be right here waiting

“Tyler. Come on, it’s time to get up.”

I gently shake my ten year-old. His strong, tan body is twisted in blankets, little stuffed animals cradled around his head.

“Wait,” comes his sleepy, muffled response, and I may or may not drop shorts and a tee-shirt on his head before giving up and walking, in a weird side step around his massive maze of cars, army men and dragons, from his room.

“Tyler,” I yell from downstairs. “Breakfast is on the table.”

“Wait.” He calls back. “I’m finishing my set-up.”

“Camp doesn’t care if you’re finishing a set-up. We’ve got to go.”

A small, distant, “wait” floats down to me. It is almost lost in the morning noise; a 5 year-old bouncing at my legs begging me to color for him, a Facetime conversation that my 8 year-old is having with a girl friend he’s had since he was two, the ding of the toaster, the beloved pour and sputter of the Keurig.

At the table, spooning in some, uh, organic Reese’s Puffs, I again encourage him to hurry, but he is busy with the comics and ignores me. “Read this!” He says, pointing to Zits. “It’s funny.”

Then he points to The Lockhorns. “I don’t get it.”

Amusing. He’s already identifying with the teenager comic and totally doesn’t get Loretta thinking her husband is more of a meatball than her meatball.

“Tyler, get your sneakers on. I told you twice already.”

“Wait.” He says off-handedly, heading toward his laptop. “I just need two minutes on this game.”

“Tyler…” I warn thru gritted teeth.

“Wait.” He says again, almost pleadingly. His eyes dart from me to the screen. “One more minute.”

Seconds from me slamming the screen shut, he triumphantly does a last tick on the keyboard and closes it down. “Done!” He beams.

It’s hard not to beam back at that face, but somehow I manage a small growl.

Finally, everyone has what they need, and has done what they have to. “Okay, ready.” I shout to the air, because no way anyone is listening. Miraculously, my two younger boys head for the door and walk directly into the screen that they are asked not to run into, every day.

My oldest has disappeared. I find him back at the computer.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

He opens his mouth, but before he can say anything I beat him to it. “If you tell me to wait, I might lose it.”

He smiles, nods mischievously, and says in his playful, patronizing voice, “Oh don’t worry, little mommy. I won’t say that bad word. It’s all good. See?” With exaggerated slowness, he shuts the laptop screen. “All ready.”

“Uh, baby, your sneakers aren’t on.”

Again, that sweet, goofy smile.

In a few days, my beautiful 10 year-old will be 11. Soon, he will be running out of the house, instead of me pushing him.

Suddenly, I’m not in such a rush.

“Wait!” I want to cry. “Wait.”

Hey mama, i'm waiting for you.

Hey mama, what’s taking you so long?

About Ice Scream Mama

Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. He sure is beautiful! I’m happy to know I’m not the only one whose mornings look like this. The computer lingering is my tipping point – yet I know how hard it is for me to get off the damn thing! Hugs to you and your birthday boy!

  2. That is a great post Momma-made me gasp at the end! I am on the hunt for those organic Reese’s puffs! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really loved this post. Almost had me crying .Just beautiful!

  4. Oh boy. If my kids start telling me to wait . . . I might lose my shiz. I am currently training them to actually RESPOND when I tell them to do something or tell them it’s time for lunch/dinner/leaving. At least that way I know my words have landed inside their eardrums. But the wait . . . yeah, no.

    Great post. I think we all are realizing that we are going to be the ones yelling “wait” soon. How do they get so BIG so FAST?

  5. What a good looking guy you have there…Also, Reese’s Puffs is the best cereal ever invented.

  6. Very sweet! Perfect balance of humor and lovey-doveyness.

  7. Ah, it sounds like we share my 11-year-old… 😉

  8. Wahhhhhhh. Darn you. Good thing I don’t wear mascara.

  9. I get it. Totally. Oh, come on! Oh wait. I get it. Sniff sniff.

  10. Aww, I loved the ending.

    I’ve been guilty of the one-more-minute thing myself, once I start checking Facebook and email.

  11. ack ack ack why won’t time slow down??
    excellent work relaying the chaos of your morning.

  12. 11!!!!! Sigh. I keep telling myself that i have go clear out the kiddie toys from the bedrooms… but I can’t. I just can’t.

  13. Such a good reminder – sometimes going slow isn’t a bad thing!

  14. my 11 is going into 12 and she is well, just the same way – so is my 10 going into 11 boy….I just want all of them to wait…they are each at the perfect ages right now…

  15. nataliedeyoung

    I LOVE the pacing! It was so frenzied, then at the end you really slowed it down…I’m sure that was on purpose. 😉 Nicely done!

  16. He’s beautiful. And I’m guessing his birthday and Jon Alex’s are only a few days apart?

    • thank you. his is next week, so more like a week and 1/2. so fast it all goes.. thank goodness i have a positive outlet for my sappiness. i’m surprised i’m not making pancakes every day.

  17. Love it!
    Oh my goodness. He was calling me mammy just yesterday?!? Panda puffs got nuthin on Reese’s but they are organic 😉

    • thank you. where does the time go. and yeah, we tried the panda puffs.. it’s really not the same. however, there are these mom’s choice ‘lucky charms’ that they are into. 😉

  18. The Lockhorns are still published in your newspaper? I thought that strip disappeared years ago.

  19. I love how you paint a scene so vividly. I feel like I’ve visited your house and sat down with your kids. You’re an expert at presenting a situation, and then examining it – through beautiful language – from multiple perspectives. I love how you weave your internal dialogue into your writing, adding such powerful, honest emotions. I really think you could write about paint drying and make it seem like a profound and entertaining experience. Three cheers for you!

  20. jill lundberg

    Beautiful essay. As I always say, I’m always on the verge of crying by the end and feeling so deeply for you and in turn for me. It really does go fast. That cliche always sounded so annoying when I had newborns but it is so freakin true!

  21. Wait, indeed! Love the image of the stuffed animal friends keeping bedtime company (shhhhh, my 16 year old and 13 year old still have that AND they don’t move very fast yet…phew)

  22. OMG! Loved this. My sons are 7 and 3 and it sounds like I’m in the same boat with you – though at least yours responds with a “wait” — mine have non-medical, boy-related, selective hearing issues!! Happy birthday to your son!

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  24. This sounds exactly like my ten year old!


    That was awesome. Great post and thanks for the squeeze on my heart. 🙂

  26. oh MAN. I am SO there with you! I can’t beleive how OLD my youngest is getting! I wrote about my sadness.

  27. My baby turns 18 tomorrow. *sniff!*

  28. “Little mommy” – that cracks me up. I would have been so mad, but laughing on the inside too!

  29. “Little Mommy” is hilarious! 🙂 Were you laughing on the inside??

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