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Read here for a (blogging) good time! #pay it forward

*This was last week’s Blogger Idol assignment – to give a shout out to to some great blogs you love. Read below, if you don’t already know them, you should check them out…

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I never understood the whole internet dating thing. I mean, fall in love with someone you never met? How bizarre. How in the hell? And then I did. Multiple times. Sometimes at the same time. Often, I go back and forth between them all.

This wasn’t me at all. I married the first boyfriend I had, and now here I was slutting around the internet with people I didn’t really know. But they made me laugh, and sometimes they made me cry. So I didn’t get dinner and a movie, they brought out serious, real emotion in me, stuff that lay buried under massive loads of laundry. I didn’t expect any of it. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.

I hear my husband calling me. “Are you still on the computer?” or “The kids are hungry and playing with scissors!” But I’m in love. And when you’re in love, everything else takes a back seat, right?  

My cynical husband will roll his eyes. He believes there is nothing genuine out there on the internet. But now, having immersed myself into this world for the past four months, I am floored by the people I have found. People who put their hearts and souls out there every day. People who struggle. People who live wild, crazy lives. Mommies. Lots of mommies.

So whether they know it or not, I am in love and stalking, I mean following, so many rocking blogs. Here are a few that bring a little extra something something to my days.

Ask Outlawmama why her skirt smells like pee, or how she and her husband get their sexy on – and she’ll tell you a story. A real, funny, generally embarrassing story that will have you nodding your head with glee. Maybe that’s why she’s constantly at the top of the charts at YeahWrite, an amazing weekly writing competition for bloggers and writers. Outlawmama knows just how to capture a moment. It doesn’t matter whether she’s talking about her bad bangs or her bad self, she makes me laugh at life and all its crazy.

When I want to hang out with my best friend, I turn to Ateachablemom. She’s in the trenches with snot on her shirt and insecurity in her eyes. She right in the thick of that wild jungle called mommyland, just trying to do better and doing the best she can. She’s constantly learning and teaching. When you’re with her, you know you’re not alone. She’s me. She’s you. She’s fabulous.

Watch The Landy climb big snowy mountains. Watch the Landy work out! Watch the Landy race in mud! I never thought I’d be into this blog about an Aussie guy on a mission to climb a mountain. But dag nabbit, he rocks! He is a real man, with a sensitive side who waxes poetic while jumping from planes, roaring through rapids, lifting small buildings in a single bound! Every time I read his posts, I want to cheer – GO LANDY GO!!! I swear you won’t be able to help yourself.

I met Pile of Babies here on Idol and got to know her and her blog a little better through our interview assignment. All I can say is – Awe.

First with her, because we were in different time zones and at 7:30 pm her time, 10:30 pm mine – she had a quiet house with her twins already asleep while my three boys were running in circles in their underwear.

And then there’s her blog.

I simply loved every single thing I read. Meredith takes all the stuff in life that makes you want to pull your hair out, and instead has you peeing your pants. You will be both amazed and amused by her bravery to tell it like it is, and do it with insight, humor and a ton of snark. Mostly, you’ll be laughing your ass off. Not many people could write hilarious posts like, “Your threats do not scare me small person.” and “Having twins is not adorable but thanks.”  If those titles alone don’t make you check out her blog, well than you must be, “Drunk, or 4 years-old“.

So forget the dishes, the kids and whatever other mishegoss you have going on, and go hang out with these guys. I promise, you’ll be totally entertained while you laugh, cheer and virtually fall in love.

It’s a beautiful thing. Just don’t ask my husband.







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Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. I love this post! I feel the exact same way about this blogging world, and am so happy to have found it nearly a year ago. It has filled parts of me I simply did not know were empty.

  2. It’s totally addictive. I have missed my east coast friends who are embroiled in Sandy recovery. I am realizing more and more how important ya’ll are to me.

  3. sounds like a great life, (times it can be weird)

  4. Addictive is the right word! Especially when my fabulous blogging friends write about me!! Thanks again!

  5. Crikey, I was reading the description of this Aussie bloke and thinking, geez he must be alright, I’d better go and check him out!

    Strewth, its me!! Well stone the bloody crows…

    Fair dinkum, I am truly flattered that you would choose to include me in your story and you enjoy reading about my journey, along with a few of the other things I shouldn’t get up to.

    I figured I’ll need all the support I can get if I want to make it to the top of some of these hills mountains, and if you can’t have a laugh along the way, then what is the point…and through my blog I also have met some wonderful stalkers people.

    I reckon reading some of the blogs on here is far better than watching the “Telly” its got everything covered. Some funny things, some sad, some crazy things, and I haven’t even got pass Icesreammama…

    Yep, I’m flattered… If I get around to having a beer this weekend I’ll drink a toast to you, and then I’ll drink your beer, and give you another toast, and given I’m a bit of a two pot screamer, I’ll be hammered after those two and probably drink another couple six-pack just for good measure…

    It is silly o’clock in the world’s greatest harbour city, best time of time I reckon, and it is ime to head to the “shed” for a weight training session!

    Take care, love your work, and don’t take any wooden nickels (that what you blokes say, isn’t it?)

    Baz, The Landy…(A good looking bonza bloke from downunder)

    • Oh geez, now I look bloody vain… I did a couple of strike-outs of words, but it doesn’t transfer into here from my microsoft word… You’ll be thinking I’m a bloody drunk, suggesting I’ll drink a couple of six-packs. I did strike out couple (honestly).

      And fair dinkum, I was going to strike out “good looking” where I signed off, but I went to the bathroom and (admired) saw myself in the mirror and decided to not strike it out after all….

      Take care, Baz

    • Landy, reading this put me over the edge.. i have gone from being entertained to out and out love.
      Words like fair dinkum, strewth, and stone the bloody crows, might be common for Aussie blokes, but they make a New York girl giggle. Thank you for that. You charm, amuse, entertain and enlighten – what is not to love. You enjoy your six pack – and make that toast good – just don’t go climbing any mountains till mornin.
      Ice Scream Mama, a fine looking lass from upover- yep, i made that word up. that’s just the kind of gal i am. 😉

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  7. Deliberately Delicious

    Here’s what I love about blogging: that a west coast Canadian mom with three boys (me) can find an east coast American mom with three boys (you) through an Australian adventurer (the marvelous Landy). I’m fascinated by the connections… and delighted to find your blog, Ms. Ice Scream.


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