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Sidetracked by Sandy

Hey all,
I’ve been MIA since hurricane Sandy hit our town hard. It’s a miracle I’ve found a small pocket of service. If this goes thru, tell my mom I love her.. No i’m kidding.. We’re fine, we just don’t have power for who knows how long! Anyway, enough about me. This week is Pay It Forward week on blogger idol. Our assignment was to pick 4 blogs we love and highlight them. If you want to see who I picked, go to
Hopefully, I’ll be up and running again soon. Power to the people! Really, people, someone get me power.




About Ice Scream Mama

Mama to 3 boys, wife to Mr. Baseball and daughter of a sad man. I have a double scoop every day.

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  1. I’ve been missing you! I am glad you are ok. It’s hard not to worry sick about ya’ll out in the storm’s path/wake. Take care of yourself and get thee some ice cream.

  2. I’ve been missing you! Hope you’ll come back soon with plenty of power !

  3. Good luck to you, hope the power will come soon.

  4. Glad you’re ok! The, “tell my mom I love her” comment is awesome. People think I’m crazy because I read your blog at work and just sat here chuckling at my computer screen.

  5. So happy you’re safe and almost normal! I also have been missing my regular doses of your wisdom and sass (withdrawal might be the right word). Come back to us soon! xoxo

  6. OMG! I just looked at the pictures – so scary! I’m relieved you’re all okay.

  7. Oh man – I’m sorry to hear you’re in the same boat as us – I hope you have power soon! Also?! I just saw you were recently Freshly Pressed – CONGRATS!!!!! Awesome awesome. 🙂

    • thank you! this is now beginning to feel like a really really long time. it’s totally killing the ice cream buzz. i’m sorry you’re in the same boat. i’m hopeful, that in the next day or two, it’ll all be back. i’m lucky to be at my mom’s now. hope you’re somewhere warm. 🙂


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